Black Blend - Espresso

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    Seasonal Ethiopian Washed & Natural process coffees.


    Marizpan • Raspberry • Orange

    A fantastic alternative from our single origin range, the Black Blend provides black coffee drinkers a stable flavour profile, time after time, without the differing flavour notes that a seasonal rotation of origin coffees may bring.

    Black blend has a lighter body than our blend range, but also brings a fantastic sweetness & juiciness with it. Best enjoyed as an espresso, long black or as a refreshing cold brew.

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    Gabriel Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Craig Ball
My Go To Coffee

This is possibly the best coffee for espresso and long black drinkers in Australia. Plenty of body and depth, never burnt or under cooked just right. If your the only espresso fiend in your house, I highly recommend the 250gram bags so it does get too much exposure to the air. Thank you Gabrielle coffee.

Kent MacMillan
our favourite blend. enjoy it black or with milk

This is my wife's favourite blend from Gabriel. floral and fruity, heaps of clarity. enjoyed not only as black but also as a morning latte... have been drinking this blend for over a year now and it never disappoints. My black coffee drinking friends love it as well.

Black blend

The delicate sweet flavours a single O but with a bit more of the body of the blends. Delicious

imad indari
Black blend is my favourite

I drink my coffee black and this blend is really good. It works well with milk too.