We believe that coffee should be a completely rewarding and satisfying experience. The drive to de- liver this in our blends happens every day, as we taste, examine and question the way we roast and brew coffee to strive for consistency without com- promise. The results are our trio of flagship blends - Easy Tiger, Day Maker & Monte Carlo. Each blend utilises different beans, roasting techniques and brewing parameters that gives different personality to the coffees you drink when you visit your local.


Obsession for next level quality is what led to Cali- brate Coffee - an experimental, solo project pursued by director Sam to use cream of the crop coffee offerings and create a blend that suited his exacting tastes.

Now this has evolved and the Calibrate blend gears itself to be a fabulously rich base for milk coffees while also providing a lush experience as an espres- so. Make no mistake however, Calibrate demands to be brewed on specialist equipment with exacting recipes.


In a tribute to the roots of the company, steeped in street culture, vibrant wall murals, in your face graf- fiti and a splash of industrial grunge, FATCAP represents a throwback to coffee with BIG flavours.

A 'fatcap' is a specialised spray can tip used to create bold likes and thick accents. With FATCAP, we've created a blend with just that in mind, bold fla- vours with unique origins that accent through milk coffees to give you an experience with big flavour.