Coffee Menu Fundamentals - The Usual Suspects

We always like to visit the fundamentals to ensure that our customers are on the same page as us when it comes to knowing what they're drinking at their neighbourhood local or at home. Discussed and debated across Australia and around the world, the preparation of what we know as coffee changes from barista to barista, cafe to cafe and even generation to generation. 

That said, coffee in all its forms shouldn't be daunting and learning to pick the right drink, or trying something different can be satisfyingly delightful. Here you'll find run down by Head Trainer Josh on typical menu items you'll find around Sydney, as well as a rough guideline on how we brew each drink here at Gabriel Coffee.


Black coffee:

gabriel coffee espresso extraction

An espresso shot that is cut short to emphasise body, acidity and intensity.

  • 1:1.2 ratio, served in an espresso cup

A coffee made by pushing water at high pressure through finely ground coffee in a short amount of time. Forms the base of almost all coffees served in Australian cafes.

  • 1:2 ratio served in an espresso cup

Long black
A double shot of espresso diluted with hot water to emulate a filter coffee style beverage. 80grams of hot water at 75 degrees, double shot of espresso extracted on top, served in a small dine-in cup (typically around 150ml capacity)


Milk Coffee:

A single espresso ‘stained’ with 10g foam and 15g milk served in an espresso cup.
A 1:1:1 ratio of coffee, milk and milk foam.

Piccolo latte
A smaller version of a latte for someone who prefers a less milky and more coffee heavy beverage. Served in a 100ml Piccolo glass

  • A single ristretto of espresso with 65-70g of milk and half 5mm of milk foam
  • Alternatively, a single espresso with ~5gm removed with a syringe, then topped up with textured milk (Seriously)

Flat White
A single shot of coffee topped with steamed milk and 5mm of milk foam making a slightly more milk heavy coffee.

  • One shot of espresso with steamed milk and 5mm of foam.
  • 130 grams milk weight
  • 170ml Gabriel Coffee cup

Typically served in a 200ml glass with a single shot of espresso 160-170gm of textured milk

The milk coffee with the most foam, leading to a slight stronger coffee flavour.

  • A shot of espresso covered with chocolate powder topped with steamed milk and 1.5-2cm of foam.
  • Milk weight: 115grams

A mix of coffee and chocolate for those with a sweet-tooth.

  • One shot of espresso with one teaspoon of chocolate, served in a latte glass and topped my chocolate powder.




gabriel coffee cappucino


gabriel coffee latte art pouring