Filter Coffee for Home
Making espresso at home isn’t for everyone; It can take up a bunch of bench space, create a lot of mess, and require a bit of practice to get right (not to mention the investment $$). Filter coffee however can...
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Coffee Process (Washed)
Following up from our previous article on natural processed coffee, this time we’re talking about washed coffees, also known as wet or fully washed coffees. As I said in the last post, all coffee goes through some sort of fermentation to...
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Coffee Processing (Honey)
We’ve already covered the two most common processing methods, washed and natural. The last main one that we will cover is the pulped-natural AKA honey process. Honey’s certainly have the most appealing name, however the name isn't so much a descriptor of flavour as it is a description of how it looks.
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Coffee Processing (Natural)
Fermented foods are the best foods. Beer, bread, wine, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, cocoa… The list goes on and on. “Why are we talking about fermented foods?” I hear you ask, “Surely coffee doesn’t fall in this category?”. Well… Coffee is...
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Coffee Ageing
When selling retail coffee, some of the most common questions are about how old the coffee is. With a lot of coffee this is a really easy question to answer, because the roast date is right on the bag (if...
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