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    Espresso Blend


    Central America • Indonesia • Ethiopia • Papua New Guinea

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    Berries • Salted Caramel • Cocoa

    Our enforcer for those that prefer a bold cup. Velvety body as an espresso with subtle spice and caramel notes that shine through when enjoyed as a milk based coffee.

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    Gabriel Coffee

Customer Reviews

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Zifeng Wu


Nigel Urquhart
Vivace Coffee

The Vivace coffee has a delightfully balanced aroma upon opening the packet. It has a really nice crema which adds to the full body coffee that leaves a pleasant flavour in your mouth.
I enjoy this smooth coffee as my early morning 3/4 flat white starter every day 😊.
The coffee was delivered the next day after ordering and well packaged.
A busy local cafe uses this blend and always has a que outside with people eager to enjoy the Vivace blend. 👌☕

Viva Vivace

Perfect for my early morning long black and mid-morning latte!

Mr Bradley Hackfath
Excellent quality of product and service

We regularly purchase from Gabriel now and this time grabbed the lock down special deal. Very happy with the special prices, quality of product AND delivery. We get Vivace mostly and dabble with the cold brew.
Consistently arrives within 3 business days (unlike SOO many other businesses that constantly blame Covid for their poor service).
A coupe of times I either couldn’t find what I wanted on the website (which isn’t 100% for dummies) and once when I thought i selected the correct products but the confirmation showed otherwise I rang ANDREW immediately and he FIXED IT INSTANTLY.
NO problem, NO fuss, Speaks clear fluent English AND FIXES IT INSTANTLY.
ANDREW is a fantastic asset to Gabriel.
I love dealing with places where they have REAL people that speak real English and REALLY FIX THINGS - GO ANDREW!
(No i've never met him, don’t know him personally and are not related in any way)

5 star coffee, 1 star delivery

Love the taste of this coffee but delivery is unfortunately atrocious, hence the 3 star rating. We ordered our coffee on the 5th Sep and it still hasn’t arrived (today is the 22nd). Waiting over 2 weeks to receive an order, when we only live 1.5 hours away, is a little ridiculous. I’d otherwise recommend the coffee to all my family/friends, if delivery timing wasn’t so poor. I just hope this wait doesn’t impact on the beans/flavour, because we really do enjoy the taste of Vivace. Such a shame my experience each time we’ve placed an order has been the same in regards to delivery. We probably won’t order again as a result. You guys might want to seriously think about switching couriers.