Cantillo Geisha - Colombia (Filter)

Cantillo Geisha - Colombia (Filter)

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Roast To Order - Limited quantity micro-lot coffees, roasted, packed & sent fresh as you place your order. Experience some of the highest end coffees that have been made available for us to share with you. These coffees are delicate in flavour and are best enjoyed as a filter roast.




Huila, Colombia


1650-1800 masl



Tasting Notes

Panela • Tropical Fruits • Florals


The Cantillo brothers, Isaias & Eugenio each own a piece of land in the Huila region of Colombia from where they grow & process coffee using their own infrastructure. The high quality of their coffee is unquestionable, having won the prestigeous Cup of Excellence award in 2007 and their sons now carrying on the legacy of growing amazing coffee on their own farms.

200gm Whole Bean Only

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