Jay Fei


After joining the Gabriel Roasting Team in mid 2017, Jay has quickly added great value with his attention to detail in roasting and quality control. A keen photographer and graphic designer, Jay is also a tremendous support to our Brand Creative Manager Michael Chan, contributing images and ideas to help invigorate our company look.

Jesse Gale-Driscoll

Relationship Manager

I have been around coffee and working in hospitality for 8 years now, back then I would open the café of a morning, turn the grinder on and pre-grind as much as we could to prep for the day… 8 years later we are weighing & timing each shot and grinding to order.

My role at Gabriel Coffee is Account Manager so I get to maintain existing relationships and well as trying to establish new ones. I love that coffee brings people together, encourages people to be social.

Lester Lung of Gabriel Coffee

Lester Lung


I have been in the coffee industry for many years; I used to help my parents run their coffee shop to now being the delivery manager at Gabriel Coffee, a manager at Dose Espresso and now slowly making a move into the technical side of the company.

I love having face to face interaction with all of our customers and getting to know them the way I have – as friends! When I am not at work you can usually find me at the gym, or enjoying quality time with my wife and two sons.

Sam Gabrielian

Managing Director and Visionary

14 years in the coffee industry and 9 years of wholesale. Chasing the dream of perfection in a cup… repeatedly.

What I love most about coffee is the challenges faced when buying, roasting and blending to maintain a consistent product… keeps us on our toes!

My other hobbies are fashion, cars, architectural design, watches and clean eating.

Paul Golding

Head of Operations & Green Coffee

I have worked in the coffee industry for 13 years. My role at Gabriel encompasses Head Roaster, Quality Control and Coffee Buyer with an operations focus. The aim is to source specific top quality coffees to suit the blends at Gabriel, ensure the optimum roast profiles are in place to suit each bean, and make any adjustments required to keep our quality on track.

Each separate coffee is an expression of the people and places from which it originates, the soil, the climate, the hands-on processing. With this in mind it really adds a special dimension to each cup I drink.

Rhys Colonso-Wareham

Storeman / Roaster

I have been in the industry for 8 years, I started as a barista when I was 17 and after 3 years later landed a job with Gabriel Coffee. My role at Gabriel, is factory co-ordination. I look after the packing machine as well as manage stock levels and courier orders. I work within the production team, keeping the steam engine of the company moving. Coffee motivates me to start my day and always starts me off on a good note. I love that it brings people together and that I’m always learning something new about it everyday even after 8 years.

Uncle Yu

Production Team Member

“Uncle Yu” is part of the engine room at Gabriel Coffee, the other side of the Roasting Team.  Fresh coffee has to be packed fast to stay fresh, and Uncle Yu is the tireless operator of our packing line, maintaining the vital progression of packaging and seasoning which ensures our customers receive coffee at the correct age.

Lana Tomaras

Lana Tomaras

Office Manager

I have been working in the coffee industry for close to 8 years. My role at Gabriel Coffee is office manager. What do i love about coffee?….. everything.
Other interests include dancing in the dark, cooking, eating and after all that yoga and meditation to balance me back out again 🙂

Ian Berkeley

Ian Berkeley

Sales Manager

I’ve been in the industry 8 years working my way up from barista, cafe manager, cafe owner to 6 years in sales and account management.
My role is to work the ‘G’ brand into a constantly changing market where coffee consumers are becoming more discerning about what they order and drink.
I love Everything about coffee. The smell of freshly ground, the first sip of crema on a long black, the joy of watching people enjoy such a simple pleasure. But most of all, the people.
Outside of coffee I love music & architecture. Funnily enough both are also very important factors in having a successful cafe.

Michael Chan

Brand Creative Manager

Michael joined us in early 2017 as an apprentice roaster, and quickly became a valued asset. We later noticed his creative talents and passion for marketing the brand, leading us to develop his exciting current role.  Michael is responsible for many of the brilliant images on our social media feeds, the new packaging designs set for release in late 2017, and will continue to revitalise our public image while we grow as a company.