G for Gratitude is a Foundation Sub-Fund established by Sam, Taline, their family & Gabriel Coffee.

The family established the sub-fund and made their initial donation in 2015 as part of their commitment to use their time and resources to give back and create positive change in the world.. This is the beginning of a philanthropic journey that will allow them to choose where they will make their philanthropic impact in future years; whether that be going back to assist those in need in their country of origin or helping improve the lives of their coffee growers.

Gratia is Sydney’s first ‘profit for purpose’ cafe and is supported by G for Gratitude

Gratia celebrates our beautiful country’s diverse multiculturalism through our lovingly curated menu. We want to encourage a spirit of community, collaboration & compassion. Brought to life through engaging events, classes, speakers, art exhibitions and by donating 100% of all profits back to foster positive change in the world, both locally and globally.

G for Gratitude is part of a certified and registered Public Ancillary Fund, The Pure Foundation (http://www.purechange.org/) and is a charitable trust that also invests its corpus in projects around the world that align with it’s broad core mantra “to make the universe a better place”. It is administered and audited by Australian Philanthropic Services (http://australianphilanthropicservices.com.au/).