9 Brunch Spots worth Getting out of the City For

By Ekfairy on Townske – January 2017
Photography by Ekfairy

“Brunch has become a favourite past time for so many Sydney-siders to enjoy fun get-togethers with tasty food, great coffee in a lively atmosphere. Supporting this trend are the many amazing cafes spread throughout the city and I’m glad to be able to share a list of my favourites.

1. Ritual Coffee Traders

160 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge NSW 2063, Australia

This cosy café is always busy full of locals and yet the service remains top-notch. The menu features mainly raw vegan options like chia pudding, quinoa and chia porridge, bircher muesli, and acai bowls. If you happen to be there at lunch time, try their famous nourish bowl or falafel bowl because they’re quite filling. And if you’re on the move, they have pre-packed takeaways ready to go.

The coffee is awesome so definitely order one. Sourced from Gabriel Coffee, the Monte Carlos house blend contains a note of chocolate, perfect for lattes and flat whites. It’s on the north side of the harbour bridge but definitely worth crossing for.

Chia seed and fruit in glass at Ritual Coffee Traders.Museli and fruit in a bowl.Fruit and shredded coconut in a bowl.A delicious meal including avocado and chickpeas.

6. Dose

6/187-191 High Street, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia

Dose is a little rustic space with exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood furniture and no kitchen. Therefore, their selection of sandwiches, salads and various café staples are prepared off-premise and ready to serve. I especially love their breakfast dishes. Dose is another business venture of Sam Gabrielian, the owner of Gabriel Coffee so expect some exquisite tasting coffee. It’s quite busy with constant streams of people coming in and out but definitely worth battling the crowds for.

Outside Dose in Willoughby NSW.Cooked fish and vegetables.Eggs, vegetables and toast served on a plate.Avocado-based meal and coffee at Dose.

8. The Preview

4/51 Arthur St, Forestville NSW 2087, Australia

The Preview is a funky affair where you can find creative interpretations of traditional café staples. Slow cooked lamb served up in a bun with mint, peas and rocket known as the “Lambwich”, is definitely a highlight. The usual avocado on toast is made even better with crunchy seeds and kale. The coffee is on par with the fantastic food, featuring the versatile Monte Carlo house blend sourced from Gabriel Coffee. With great food and coffee served by friendly and attentive staff, it’s definitely worth visiting.”

Avocado and salad on bread at The Preview.Burger from The Preview in Forestville.Meat on a selection of vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes.A delicious salad with orange.

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Manly Daily’s Pick of the Northern Beaches Best Food in 2016

By Beverley Hudec on Manly Daily – 29th December 2016
The Preview Photography by Adam Yip

The Preview in Forestville is another standout in a crowd of cafe clones. Yes, there’s kale, cunningly disguised along with black beans as a zippy tabouli. Pair this with a piece of slow-cooked salmon on a wedge of caramelised pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, a hint of chilli and creamy labne. Popping with colour and bursting with flavour, it’s one of the best salads I’ve had in a long time.

View the original article on the Manly Daily / Daily Telegraph (http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/northern-beaches/manly-dailys-pick-of-the-northern-beaches-best-food-in-2016/news-story/b180d20d673d5a7fdc35cd0e24b894e3?nk=eae46f323d34c899838f5606d44aac24-1494382092)

The Preview cafe salmon dish. Photo by Adam Yip.

Calibrate Coffee Opens in Roseville

By Ania Newbery on Broadsheet – 3rd February 2017
Photography by Steven Woodburn

“Not far from the station in the sleepy suburb of Roseville, is a cafe as on-trend as they come. Sam Gabrielian, managing director of Gabriel Coffee and the brains behind Preview Cafe, Back & Forth and Ritual Coffee Traders, together with long-time friend Murat Kum, has recently added Calibrate Coffee to the fold.”

View the original article on Broadsheet (https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/food-and-drink/article/calibrate)

Calibrate Coffee. Photo by Steven Woodburn.

John Montagu’s Mistress


With ideas like the black-sausage breakfast bowl, Ms Murray is already making a name for itself.

John Montagu, the Woolloomooloo cafe inspired by the probable or accidental inventor of the sandwich, has a mistress. Her name’s Ms Murray and, just like the 18th-century socialite who romped with the Earl of Sandwich himself, she’s the subject of gossip.

Most of the early chatter has to do with chef and co-owner Raymond Lim’s yoghurt bowl. It’s a mix of coconut and chia pudding, iced fruits, Greek yoghurt and toasted oats, that looks like an edible terrarium.

“We’re going for some kind of British influence,” confirms co-owner Narada Kudinar. England was Fanny Murray’s motherland, after all.

It’s not all English, though, and it’s certainly not traditional. Witness the salmon rillette with cream cheese and coddled egg on a lily pad of pea panna cotta. Or start the day with a blood-sausage breakfast bowl – pumpkin rice cooked in chicken stock, topped with Maffra cheese, spiced nuts, buttermilk and an onsen egg.

Lim has fine-dining pedigree (Attica, Les Amis) and says this menu was the plan all along; John Montagu just didn’t have a big enough kitchen. Kudinar adds, “Our focus is to put more of a dining sense into it.”

The cafe design is smart and following the look common in Sydney: white tiles, light wood, half table seating and half bar. The intention is clear – the focus here is the food.




Ms Murray

Shop 2, 88 Liverpool St, Sydney
(02) 8387 5513

Mon to Fri 6.30–4pm
Sat to Sun 9am–4pm

Back & Forth – Castlecrag as posted on Well Fed friends

There is no good day without a good breakfast. PERIOD. And wow did we have a good day today after indulging in a delicious breakfast from our newest local, Back & Forth!




When a fresh new cafe, serving Gabriel Coffee, deconstructed Acai bowls, Roast Sweet Potato Hash’s, and “Life Changing Seeded Loaf” for breakfast, you are under a strict obligation to get yourself there on their opening weekend!

The Back & Forth menu definitely leans towards a healthy and nutritious offering, with a plentiful amount of Gluten Free, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free options. Saying that, those seeking a little more of a treat would not be disappointed with offerings such as the Bacon and Egg Roll with Crispy Bacon, Jack Cheese & BBQ Sauce ($12) (with the option to be “pimped up” with a Sweet Potato Hash (+$3), and the Buckwheat Waffle with Fresh Banana, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Pecans ($17).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Our breakfast spread


After indulging in a few too many beverages and food on Saturday night, we decided to opt for a wholesome and nutritious Sunday morning feast, including the Deconstructed Acai Bowl with Hippie Lane RAWnola and Fresh Fruit and a Green Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Broccoli, Asparagus, Salsa Verde, Soft Boiled Eggs and Quinoa (…we definitely added Bacon (+$4).


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Deconstructed acai bowl ($17)


After seeing the Deconstructed Acai Bowl across social media throughout the week we instantly flagged it as a must order. To be honest, there was a small hint of doubt in our minds about deconstructing something that was pure perfection in its “constructed” form, however Back & Forth took to the challenge and knocked it out of the park! The plate of goodness was sweet, yet not overwhelmingly so, and it had the perfect balance of crunch from the RAWnola, and softness from the Acai, blueberries, banana, kiwi fruit and cloud like freeze dried raspberries. We have no doubt we will be having what we like to call “pregnant cravings” for this dish!




To fulfil our savoury cravings, and in the hope to reverse some damage done to our bodies the night prior, we opted for the Green Bowl – dairy free, refined sugar free and gluten free – full of kale, avocado, broccoli, asparagus, salsa verde, egg and quinoa. How they make a dish so full of nutricious, cleansing and wholesome food taste so damn delicious is beyond us. All we know is that when we know our bodies need a little repairing assistance, or when we feel like a wholesome, healthy breakfast, we will be knocking on Back & Forth’s door!

A highly recommended local cafe for any North Shore dwellers, or even those seeking a little adventure outside of their neighbourhood 🙂

– C

The powerful brand that your cafe deserves.


Every cafe needs the support of a strong coffee brand behind the counter. At Gabriel, we’ve spent 2 years researching and rebranding our product with a view to providing our cafe partners with a strong, graphic brand that is both contemporary and classic.

The new ‘G’ logo is a powerful, eye-catching icon – and our black and white palette is specifically designed to compliment any colour scheme.

Bondi’s uber cool coffee scene just got cooler.

The Shop in Bondi finds itself in the midst of one of Sydney’s most competitive cafe scenes.

The Shop is surrounded by what are arguably many of sydney’s finest cafe’s – and certainly one of its busiest cafe precincts. They have been pouring Gabriel Coffee for some time now and their customers pass an array of outstanding coffee shops to get to The Shop everyday… But they keep coming back.

And just when Bondi thought The Shop couldn’t get any cooler, we dropped off a consignment of our rebranded Gabriel cups…. Boom.